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Marketing: In our backyard and beyond

Howzit Media Marketing is a local marketing agency based in Fort Lauderdale Florida

At Howzit Media Marketing we have the pleasure of being based in Fort Lauderdale and providing our services to not only our city but the surrounding areas.

Fort Lauderdale has that big city feel with the tight knit community vibe, which gives us an advantage because we have a personal relationship with all of our clients and local businesses.

Fort Lauderdale and Miami are beautiful destination cities  and are driven by tourism that benefits local businesses. People come here for the beaches, the art, the food, the boating and good tropical paradise living. In our approach to marketing a clients business or brand we aim to target both locals and tourists.

A part of our process we like to call the “Trident Approach” or a three key point approach to reaching an ocean of customers, it involves:

1. Focus: It’s not easy to please everyone. To be effective it is imperative to find the target market to drive the brand to, in our focus areas we are lucky to have a wide range of local businesses, as well tourism on our side. If the audience like what they see they will share what they see, taking the campaign global.

2. Visualize: Wow and entice the audience with engaging media, such as images paired with creative content, video and advertising. The goal is to not only drive the message and the brand but to entertain the audience and make a memorable impression, making them a proponent and ambassador of the brand. The beauty of doing business in the modern world is that the consumer has options, they are always going to pick the most attractive and visually appealing option.

3. Socialize and Share: Harness Social Media to spread the word about the brand. We connect with the consumer on a personal level. it is almost like conducting a target market survey, the consumer will let us know whether they like the brand or not, a digital word of mouth from their perspective.

Business To Business Marketing(B2B)

B2B Marketing is a highly effective tool, in our area as we have a wide range of local businesses that network and collaborate with each other. We find it important to interact and engage with the community and local businesses not only gaining from their perspective on a marketing campaign, but having them as a voice for the brand. When marketing for any client we rely on our relationships with local business to promote and drive our marketing materials. This works as an advantage for our clients as their brand reaches a wider audience.

When it comes to the consumer it doesn’t matter what you did yesterday it matters what you do today and what you will do tomorrow.

Some work we’ve done for clients


Howzit Media Marketing works for and collaborates with businesses in the following areas around Florida; Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, Hallandale Beach, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Miami and surrounding areas, Tampa, Orlando and many others, drop us a line and we will make arrangements for a personal visit.

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