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Content – Good vs Bad

Howzit Media Marketing content marketing, good content works for you and increases turnover whereas bad content can hurt your business and relevance to customers

What is Good Content?

When it comes to developing effective content there is no “grey area”, it is either “black” or “white”, create the good and beware the bad. Good content works for you, not against you. It is written and designed with a very specific goal in mind, to appeal to, and engage with your target audience while increasing traffic and turnover.

“Great!” You say, “Well who is my target audience?” These are customers and readers who will benefit from the content, products and services you offer on your website, your followers and supporters so to speak. It is key when Marketing and promoting your brand online that you know this target audience. Without this knowledge and insight you cannot ensure that the article is written and the media or visuals are designed in such a way that it will be appealing and engaging to your customer. Good Content ensures that you have the keywords, phrases, information and visuals available, succeeding in it’s purpose to educate and entice your readers.


Organic SEO and relevant content serve their purpose when they are created and used in such a way that people will read, engage and possibly use the article as a reference and link to it, or follow where the content is guiding them, into some form of conversion funnel driving traffic to your site, increasing your return on investment. “What is the purpose of the conversion funnel or turnover process?”, “Why do we need people to link to our article?”…To grow your business and increase your Sales and ROI.


Ask yourself these questions as you are creating your content and keep in mind it’s purpose;

• What are you hoping to achieve with your article or content?

• Is your content meaningful or does it have a purpose?

• Does your content speak to or promote your brand?

• Is there a call to action, will the reader click to learn more?

• Do you want the reader to join your mailing list or subscribe to a newsletter?

• Is it for review purposes, where you would like them to purchase a service or product?

• Is your content written to be informative to both your reader and the search engines? (Very Important)

• Can the reader trust your content?


Good Content is noticed, used and shared. it works for you by creating an audience that believes and trusts in the information you’re delivering them. Even good content needs to be managed though and doing so is not always as straight forward as many web developers would have you think. Always remember:

Who (Are you writing content for.)

What (Is the purpose of your content or message.)

Where (Is your target audience.)

When (Will your content be relevant, now? or never?)

Why (Should the reader take interest.)

What is Bad Content?

Simply put…Bad website content is generally considered to be poorly written, coupled with unappealing visuals and lacking creativity. It contains useless information that has no benefit to the reader and lacks valuable insight, usually due to poor research on the subject matter. Bad content doesn’t take advantage of the call to action, leading readers and customers into the conversion funnel or turnover process for sales and sign up, which in turn reduces your ROI. Even worse it is untrustworthy and chases people away from your site, decreasing traffic and lowering your ranking on search engines.


In conclusion, ensure that you have well written, well researched content aimed at delivering results both in terms of SEO and steering engaged clients into the conversion process. It is important that your content makes a difference to the reader be it big or small.


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